Why United States Of America

Being the land of opportunities, USA has always been the most preferred destination for international students. This country is the leader in technology in all the fields, and hence the most sought after country for studies in sciences and technologies and research. Needless to say, that the infrastructure and opportunities it offers for studies and research are unparalleled.

Features of American Education 

Excellent infrastructure: The students get state-of-the art infrastructure, propitious ambience, requisite facilities and some of the most renowned faculty in the world.

Vast range of universities and courses: There are over 650 universities in the U.S.A. American universities offer an exhaustive range of courses and also offer the flexibility to the students to choose their courses.

Numerous options and modes to fund education: There are miscellaneous funding options available via scholarships, research, graduate and teaching assistantships. In some cases the entire tuition fee is funded and the entire course becomes absolutely free! Also, a student can get part-time on-campus jobs.

Globally recognized degrees and great future prospects: A degree from USA is recognized globally and a student gets ample opportunities to work across the globe in challenging environment and positions. A degree from the USA not only fetches jobs from reputed organizations, but also offers mind-boggling salaries.

It is for these reasons that the USA remains the first choice of the international students for education abroad.

Last year more than 80,000 students from India made it to the USA for higher studies and the number of students has always seen an upward surge. Students can pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate studies in American universities. Entrance exams such as GRE, GMAT, SAT & TOEFL, as applicable, are required to be taken. The application process takes between 6-8 months, as there are deadlines for applications in various universities. Visa process for the USA involves actual interview with the visa officer. A student is required to show the available finance, which should be sufficient for the entire period of studies.

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Some of our alumni are in universities such as:  

Carnegie Mellon university

Harvard University

University Of Southern California

Purdue University

Texas A & M University- College Station

University Of Florida Gainesville

SUNY Buffalo

Ohio State University

Clemson University

North Carolina State University

And many more


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