Why Singapore



In 2006, Singapore was ranked Number 17 as one of the most livable cities in the world and was one of the 3 Asian cities to make it to the list ( Source : Monocle, a European based Lifestyle magazine ). It is a multi-cultural and multi-racial country.

Features of Singapore Education

There are more than 50,000 international students in Singapore, of which about over 2,000 are indian students. Also, Indian make up most of the population of expartriates.

Singapore is famous for various offbeat courses especially in the fields of culinary arts and hospitality.

Best educational tools and technologies are used in broad based curriculum.

The education could be fast tracked: 3 years Bachelor course is completed in 2 years, and 1.5-2 years Masters course is completed in 1 year.

The visa process is quite fast and friendly as minimal financial documents are required. Again, the tution fees are quite affordable and the living cost is generally around Rs.15000/- per month. The crime rate are exceptionally low in singapore. The quality education are health care services is at per with western counterparts.

The public transport is available at low cost and is of high quality. All these factors make it an advanced and extremely habitable place. Almost every MNC has its Asia-Pacific head office in Singapore. Thus, getting a job in Singapore is much easier than many other countries. The compensation packages of the companies are globally competitive. Singapore has international long-haul connections due a well managed, thoughtfully designed airport. There is wide and easy availability of communications and connectivity. The only disadvantage in Singapore is that international students are not allowed to work on part time basis. However, excessemt job and PR opportunities abound in Singapore after graduation.

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