Why Study Abroad ?

Today is the era of global education. Globalization and Internet revolution have brought the entire globe together due to which it is easy to cross the boundaries of nations.

If you want to gain a globally recognized degree or skill, to earn while learning, to get an edge in the job market and to gain international exposure, consider investing in further studies abroad. Those who understand this are the ones who take up their degree at an international university to surpass others in global competition.

The last decade has witnessed thousands of students going abroad for studies and the number is rising rapidly. Students in smaller towns and cities too are not an exception to this rapid movement for studies abroad. Search for better professional opportunities, technical abundance, and global compatibility are the obvious reasons for students opting to study abroad.

USA, UK, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, etc are the most popular destinations for Indian students. There are various vocational, diploma and postgraduate diploma courses available to suit the academic and professional requirements of the candidates.

Aspiring students must plan properly about the entire process in advance. There are various entrance tests such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc which the students need to prepare well and score the best. After this they need to select universities and courses for the applications. Most of the parents and students overlook the educational opportunities abroad due to the high costs. Even though foreign education is more expensive than in India, there are ample excellent job openings available after getting a foreign degree. One way of funding the cost is through bank loans and funding will not be difficult if parents and students plan the process well in advance.

The thought of Foreign Education comes as a golden opportunity for the students of this new millennium and it is at their own discretion to grab it or leave it. However, it is definite that deciding to study abroad and making it to a prestigious foreign university and exposure to the latest technology will make a student well prepared and confident to face professional challenges easily.

(Article written by our Director in Nashik Times)

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"I had a wonderful experience with Akshay Study Abroad. I received excellent guidance here from counselors. They guided me perfectly for my Visa interview which helped me immensely. Some of the questions were exactly similar to what we had practiced during mock interviews. The application process would not have been possible without excellent guidance of this institute. Overall, a lot of credit of my admission to Creighton goes to ASA."
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Shantanu Chandratre